Common Roots Studio Mobile Art Bus



A renovated small bus that is a mobile community arts vehicle. With grant/donation funding, the hope is to be able to create a vehicle that can transport art and “unfold” at local events to provide an arts immersive experience for youth!



Through a series of renovations and space utilizing techniques, the van/truck will be able to be parked at any local event and provide an array of interactive art projects. The budget ($14,000 is the goal) will account for every aspect of the mobile unit including construction/modifications, mechanical issues, gas, and art supplies for a year, etc.



Who indeed? Common Roots Studio is looking for investors / local businesses who wish to be a part of a community-based… community-driven art hub.



To bring arts to the community in a unique and explorative way! The vehicle will be custom painted with all investors and businesses logos advertising for them at all events!

Want to get more involved?

Awesome! We do too! Come to the events that the vehicle is parked at and set up a table! Show people what your business is, does, and brings to the community! Come participate and bring your inner child alive when art judgement wasnt even a thing! Your level of involvement is up to you!