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As a special needs art teacher, I aim to use art in a therapeutic setting everyday. Im inspired by the beauty that surrounds us in this great state and am drawn to the nautical themes surrounding us. Nature has driven my art since the beginning. I work in a variety of mediums such as but not limited to driftwood, watercolor, wood working, metal art, and am always experimenting with new ventures. Look for the octopus tree, and you will find me.




Pat Sylvia has been teaching guitar since 2006 after earning a degree in Music Performance. Pat is available for individual and group lessons for guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, and beginner piano. He plays in several bands across Maine, including All Soul'd Out, The Galley Rats, and Soul Taco, as well as solo acoustic and classical guitar. 

AP Nuri



A. P. Nuri is a multi-faceted artist that seeks to transform art from something you view to what makes a community influence you. From graphic design to acting, A.P. Nuri thrives most in areas where humanity meets art and visual communication. She loves to support other artists through collaboration and yearns even more to tell their stories and their art with the world. 

When she's not scribbling story ideas, acting on stage, or spreading watercolor across canvas, she's likely drinking tea at a small cafe, scavenging an antique shop, or walking around a farmer's market for local goods. Born and raised in Arizona, she now resides in Southern Maine and finding ways to nurture more diversity in culture throughout New England.


Will Sawyer



Coming Soon!

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