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Kids' Art Classes

Level 3


Medium exploration, students will explore a variety of different mediums (paint, sculpture, drawing, etc.). Normally for young students just beginning to explore arts or wanting to make crafts. All projects are theme-based on the students' joined interests.


$25/ hr.

(4 classes minimum)

LEvel 2

Intermediate Exploration/Education of artists and art movements. Students work in the mediums and styles of famous artists/ movements!



(4 classes’ minimum)

LEvel 1


Area of focus. Students work towards the development of their preferred art style and medium. These students have a strength in the arts and understanding of supply usage. These students will work for 2 months on developing their very own art show in the studio, learning the basics of planning and hosting an exhibition! 



(8 classes’ minimum)

Music Classes

Instructor Patrick Sylva, M.Ed.

Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Bass, Piano, and Percussion.

$35/half-hour or $120/month


Adult Art Nights

Special Events


Visiting Artist

Bring a group of friends to the studio for a custom-designed art class in which you choose the MEDIUM (Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, Etc.) and a THEME (Nautical Myths, Holidays, Rainforest, Custom, Etc.)


Have a few drinks, some laughs, and start or end your night in a local art studio!

$45/per person ($40 for party host)  for a 1 hr session. *Cost covers instructor and art supplies

Covid interrupt your plans? Rent out the studio for an hour to host a private get-together in a neat space!


One of the Common Roots Artists will help you decorate/ set up to make your time that much more personal! 


$50/ hr

Library Art Integration with Nick and Jan!


Bring your young ones into the studio or meet us at the studio to walk to the park next door (weather dependent)! Storytime with Jan starts us off; followed by a specially designed craft and snack based on the book afterward!

Adults $20 / Children $10 

Become a visiting artist with Common Roots! Test out your art in a real studio for a month!


Just fill out an application here and we will review your work to make sure it’s a good fit for the shop!  

$50 a month and you keep 100% of your profit!

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